Rental Agreement and Refund Policy


The Lessee (herinafter referred to as CUSTOMER) acknowledges that they have entered into a rental agreement with Easy Rest Support Systems LLC,  and its joint venture partner Great Northern Health products, both Minnesota Corporations (Hereinafter referred to as PROVIDER) once the Customer’s credit card has been successfully charged for their rental.

The following rental terms apply to this rental agreement:

Customer must pay rental charges before the equipment is shipped from Provider’s facility.

The Provider acknowledges the rental equipment will be checked before shipment and will be sent in good order.

Customer agrees to return equipment in good order or will be charged for repair or replacement of any part damaged, or if equipment is abandoned.  Customer agrees to the use of the credit card submitted for the rental to pay for any repairs or replacement parts needed, unless otherwise arranged for with the Provider.   Damage to the equipment can be from any cause or reason, other than normal wear as determined by the Provider. Pet hair is prohibited from contact with the equipment or carrying bags.  If any equipment or its accompanying carrying bags have pet hair attached or contained upon their return to the Provider, then an additional $30 cleaning cost will be assessed and charged to the customer using the Credit Card on file.

The Customer agrees to inspect the rental equipment upon delivery and notify Provider of and missing or damaged equipment within one business day.

The Customer agrees to keep all shipping boxes to use for returning the equipment.  When repacking the equipment for return refer to the DVD or inserted instructions for proper packing method and tightly seal all boxes with shipping tape.

Rental can be canceled or rescheduled by the Customer at no cost up to 7 days in advance of the original surgery date provided when rental was paid (100% Refund).

Rental can be canceled or rescheduled by the Customer up to 5 days in advance of the original surgery date provided when rental was paid, for a charge of 50% of the paid rental (50% Refund).

Rental can be canceled or rescheduled by the Customer up to and including the date the equipment is received by the customer, for a charge of 95% of the paid rental (5% Refund).

Customer is responsible for notifying Provider of any cancellations of surgery.

The Customer agrees to call the Provider office by 12:00 P.M. Central Time on or before the last business day of the rental to schedule pick-up or extend the rental period.  The Customer is not responsible for contacting the shipping carrier or to arrange for any alternative means of returning the equipment.  All equipment is to be ready for pick-up on the next available shipping day after the end of the rental.

The Customer agrees to hold harmless and Easy Rest Support Systems, LLC and acknowledges that the Provider makes no medical or recovery guarantees about the use of the equipment.  A physician should always be consulted before use of any recovery equipment.

The Customer understands and agrees they are is responsible to pay all fees, even if  insurance coverage is denied.