After a Macular Hole surgery the patient must remain in a face down position with Macular Hole Surgery recovery equipment 
Macular Hole Surgery Recovery Face Down Equipment 
Delivered Within 48 Hours To Most U.S. Cities
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Macular Hole Surgery Recovery 


Preferred Vendor To
Get Macular Hole Surgery Recovery equipment delivered within 48 hours in most situations.
Same Day and Next Day Delivery Options Available in Most Major Cities (Call 800-681-9930 for details)
The face down chair and bed support are used during recovery from eye surgery such as 
macular holes, macular pucker, vitreous detachment, eye floaters, retinal detachment/detached retina, 
vitreous hemorrhage and diabetic retinopathy.
Now after Macular Hole Surgery your recovery using the vitrectomy recovery chair and bed support 
rental equipment from is both comfortable and affordable.

Here are the advantages of renting face down equipment from

Exclusive Armrest Support and 3-Pad Pillow System Found in No Other Equipment
  Recommended by 100's of Doctors and Preferred Vendor to the Mayo Clinic
Equipment Made in the U.S.A. - Strong and Light Weight (under 15 pounds)
  Free Shipping Included to Anywhere in the Continental U.S.A.
  24/7 Support and Nurse On-Call


Since 1995 we have been providing Macular Hole Surgery Recovery face support equipment rental for those who are recovering from Macular Hole surgery  
Available For Shipping Today!

3 Ways To Find Out More:

1. Call Dave directly at 800-681-9930 (Yes he does answer his own phone!)

2. Connect by email by CLICKING HERE

3.  Browse our website and see Vitrectomy Recovery equipment options available for online ordering





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